X's - Honda VTX owners refer to their rides as X's. (thanks to Eric Inger)

Xylophone - A musical instrument (please do not play the xylophone while riding, not only is it dangerous, but highly annoying).


Yahamahog - A Yamaha that some one made to look like a Harley chopper (raked, big front wheel etc.)

Yamadog - Name for a Yamahahog rider

Yamahaharley - Japanese bikes that look like Harleys (eg. Kawasaki Vulcan Classic)

Yamahammer - Yamaha

Yamahauler - A truck or trailer that is hauling a Yamaha

Yard Shark - Dogs that come out of nowhere and try to bite your tires. Caution: Can cause motorcycle crashes, handle this type of situation with care.


Z Bar - A handlebar that sweeps out of the risers toward the front of the bike and then sweeps back again towards the rider. A popular handlebar from the 1970's.

Zook - Suzuki

Zorst - Exhaust (motorcycle pipes)