Wave (The Wave) - Raising a hand to greet a motorcyclist travelling in the opposite direction.

W.H.O.R.E - We Haul Our Rides Everywhere. Those people that trailer their bikes to about 2 miles from an event, and then unload them and gently ride them in, only if there isn't going to be any rain, dust or dirt roads.

War-Horse - Well-ridden, road-worn bike (usually a chop)

War Wagon - A vehicle used to transport the club's arsenal during an outing when trouble is expected from other clubs.

Wattleshedo? - Term that asks the top speed of a machine (i.e What will she do?)"

Wave (The Wave) - Slowly becoming a lost art, but the true biker clings to this practice. It involves raising a hand to greet a motorcyclist traveling in the opposite direction. Not to be performed under braking or turning maneuvers. Please do wave to every fellow biker regardless of the type of motor they are riding.

Waxer - Someone who would rather wax his bike than ride it

Waybackmachine - Any street driven "overmotored" road rocket that makes most fast vehicles seem to move backwards...wayback.....ie. V Max, Blackbird, Huyabusa, GSXR, Ninja......

Weekend Warrior - Insta-biker types

WFO - Wide F**king Open (throttle)

Wheelbase - The distance between the center of the wheel hubs on the motorcycle.

Wheelie - aviation of the front wheel in an effort to go quickly, "Mono", "Minger"

Whisper-Glide - Goldwing or other large quiet Touring bike.

Wind Shield - Wind Screen

Wind tunnel - Equipment used by motorcycle manufacturers to achieve as good aerodynamics as possible. During development of a new motorcycle, the bike is placed inside a wind tunnel to determine air currents, thus enabling manufacturers to optimize the aerodynamics.

Wind Walker - Anybody who rides, helps and is friendly to all other Motorcycle Jockeys.

Wing Comander - Police term for sports bike rider as in missed the runway Wing Comander

Wingabago - Gold Wing motorcycle, with all the extras.

Wings - Emblem worn by 1%ers, as a pin or patch (cloth) attached to the colors. All wing earning must be witnessed.

Winkers - Turn Signal in Honda manuals in the '70s

Wishbone - A one piece handlebar and riser combo, styled like a drag bar but much cleaner in appearance.

WOT - Wide Open Throttle 1. Holding the throttle full open for full acceleration. 2. Check preformed when main Carb jetting.

Wrench - Mechanic

Wrenching - Actually doing the maintenance and repair of a motorcycle.

WTF - expression - What the f**k!