T.W.O - Two Wheels Only, anyone who ONLY rides a bike (no car)

Tachometer - An instrument that displays revolutions per minute.

Tagged - As in tag you're it. Old term for finding out there is a cop or narc undercover in your bar or club. (South)

Tail Gunner - The last rider in a group.

Tall - High Final Drive Gear Ratio

Tankslapper - when you get off the side of the road and the handlebars start slamming back and forth.

Tar Snake - An uneven, slippery patch in a road crack

Tats - Tattoos

T-Bone - Crashing into the side of a cage. Can happen when a vehicle makes a left turn in front of a biker or pulls a U-turn in the middle of the street.

T-CLOCK - Term used to help remember your Pre-Ride inspection - Tires, Controls, Lights (and electronics), Oils, Chassis (and chain) and Kickstand (make sure it's up)

Team - A sub-group of four motorcycles within a larger group ride.

Textiles - The jacket/gloves/etc (safety gear) used by riders that is made out of textile.

The Bicycle Lane - The space in-between those double yellow lines usually in the center of a two lane black top roadway, riding in the bicycle lane pre-dates lane splitting and is sometimes the only alternative when cage traffic is slow or stopped.

The Big Road - The Interstate

The Main Jet - No not the one in your Carburetor , The Main Jet is another word for the Interstate Highway.

The Man - Police or Law Enforcement Officer

The Motor Company - Harley-Davidson

The Ton - 100MPH

The Double - (also known as the 'Double T', or 'Double Ton') - meaning 200 mph.

Thirteen (13) - It is for Mother Club e.g. The original chapter of the club and the ruling body of the club. If a member is wearing a 13 he is a member of the Mother club and is a boss of the club.

Three Piece Outfit - Refers to a club, stems from the 3 piece patches.

Throttle - The throttle controls the engine's power by restricting the substance that enters the engine.

Thumper - A single cylinder bike (like the BMW F650, Kawasaki KLR650)

Thrashing it or Caning it - Self-explanatory terms for taking the bike for 'a blast'.

Tire, Tyre - Rubber, Sneaker,

Too Late Light - Oil Pressure Warning Light

Toos - Tattoos

Tourer - A type of motorcycle designed for long distance riding, typically a heavier bike with hard luggage and comfortable seating arrangements. Also referred to as "Geezer Glides" and an "old man's bike" as older folks tend to have these.

Torque - The tendency of a force to cause an object to rotate. In an engine, the torque is expressed as the force applied multiplied by the distance from the center of rotation. It is the basic measure of the propulsive effect of a powered wheel. Or, said in other words: The measure of the force applied to produce rotational motion usually measured in foot-pounds or Nm. Torque is determined by multiplying the applied force by the distance from the pivot point to the point where the force is applied.

Trailer Boy - Someone who trailers there bike long distances and then wants everyone to belive they rode many miles to get there.

Trailer Queen - Pristine antique bike brought to competitive old bike meets, and rolled off its trailer or out of the back of a van for judging, and rolled back in immediately after. Rarely, or never, seen to actually run. Back home, it lives under a cover in the owners barn/garage.

Trailer Twinkie - Any person whom is physically able but would rather trailer or haul their bike than ride it. . These people usually come up with some poor excuse to justify trailering and have been the culprits that have caused Bike Week to be referred to as Trailer Week by some. Most likey they are posers and waxers.

Transmission - The system of gears and chains by which power is transmitted from the engine to the driving wheel.

Tri-Armor - Is armor comprised of a plastic membrane sandwiched between dual density closed cell memory armor. Tri-Armor was developed from the results of a four year crash study in Germany. The goal of this study was to develop the most protective motorcycle suit. Construction and placement of the Tri-Armor was designed to provide the best impact and abrasion resistance. Tri-Armor exceeds the current “CE” approved standards.

Trial - Trial is the sport of riding specifically designed bikes to overcome obstacles that often require difficult stunts like jumping from a stand-still without touching feet to the ground. A trial bike is very light-weight and is easily distinguished from other off-road bikes by the appearance that the rider will have a hard time finding a seat on it.

Trick - Cool - "That dude's bike is trick"

Trike - A three-wheeled motorcycle.

Triple - A three cylinder inline motorcycle engine.

Triple Trees or Triple Clamps - The two pieces that attach the bike's front end to the frame, named after the three positions on each piece; one for each fork tube and a center for the steering stem.

True Blue - A Biker who travels long distances or takes long bike trips.

Trumpet - Slang for a Triumph motorcycle. Can also mean a trumpet-shaped exhaust pipe.

T-Shirt Biker - Someone who has the leather jacket, chain drive wallet, t-shirts and all, but no scooter (motorcycle)

Tuck - Crouched aerodynamically best riding position used to decrease drag and increase speed

Tune up - When a senior club member sets a junior club member straight.

Tuppermobile - Any Bike that has plastic arm rests for passengers (like Honda Goldwing)

Turbin Top or Cow Pie - 1979 to 1984 4 speed shifter lids because of there shape.

Turn Out - When all members come together in the case of an initiation for a new member.

Turn Signals - Blinkers

Twenty Twenty (20/20) - A Harley Rider ( $20,000 for the Harley, $20,000 for a pickup to tow it with)

Twenty-two (22) - Someone who has done time

Twingle - A vertical twin engine where both pistons move up and down together. Combination of the words twin and single.

Twisties - Section of road with a lot of turns. 2. A road with many curves.

Twisting The Wick - Speeding up, Roll on the throttle.

Two Into One (2-1) - 2 exhaust header pipes mating into one pipe

Two-way Street - Playing it even with both parties entitled to & receiving the same treatment