P-Pad - Pillion Pad - The passenger seat

Pads - Tires

Pan Panhead - The Panhead Engine (V-Twin, produced from 1948 - 1965)

Pannier - One of a pair of packs or baskets hung over the rear wheel of a vehicle (as a motorcycle)

Parallel Twin - An inline 2 cylinder engine.

Participate - To aid a member in a fight by ganging up on the opponent.

Passenger Backrest - Sissy Bar

Passenger Pad - Pillion Pad

Pasta Rocket - any Italian Sportbike (Ducati, Aprilia, MV Agusta, Benelli)

Patch holder - a club biker

Pavement Surfing (PS) - Being thrown from your bike and skidding along the highway

Pegging or To Peg Someone - This is when one rider pushes a disabled M/C and rider with their M/C using their leg with their foot on the disabled M/C's rear foot peg or axle - hence the term Pegging or to Peg Someone.

Pillion (or ballast) - 1. Motorcycle passenger (on the back seat). 2. chiefly British : a motorcycle or bicycle saddle for a passenger

Pinched - Picked up by the police

Pipes - Exhaust System

Plastic Fantastic - Sports bike, 'cause they are plastic and the riders think they are fantastic.

Plugs - Spark Plugs

PMS - Parked Motorcycle Syndrome

P.O.B.O.B. - Pissed Off Bastards of Bloomington - the original gang that later developed into the Hell's Angels.

Poker Run - A poker run is, for the most part, like any old motorcycle run. Instead of just riding from Point A to Point B, however, there are also several stops in between (usually 5 total). At these stops you go in to the checkpoint and draw a playing card from a deck of cards. Depending on the rules, you either keep the card or the person at the checkpoint will mark down what card you drew. You do this at each checkpoint, and by the end of the run you will have 5 cards … this makes up your poker hand. At the last stop you turn in your poker hand, and whoever has the best hand wins.

Ports - intake & exhaust valve openings

Poser - A wannabe Biker (i.e. Shiny new leather)

Pot - Carburetor

Power Shower - Riding in the rain with anything other then a full face helmet. Also riding in the rain without raingear.

Pre-Ignition - Pre-ignition is when the intake charge is ignited too early. The combustion pressure exerts large forces on the upward traveling piston and can destroy the engine. On the other hand, detonation can occur at any point during the combustion process. It is basically a violent and uncontrolled explosion in the combustion chamber. Although folks commonly refer to combustion as an "explosion" it is actually more appropriately termed a "controlled burn". Explosions in the combustion chamber are undesirable, and the violent release of energy can also destroy an engine. Pre-ignition can sometimes lead to detonation because the premature burn is simultaneously compressed. Pre-ignition and detonation are both bad news. Detonation is usually caused by a *lean* A/F mix. (vacuum leaks) or improper jetting. Also by low octane fuel, over advanced timing, lugging of engine, and of course excessive carbon in the combustion chamber. A rich mixture can lead to detonation due to excessive carbon build-up in the combustion chamber decreasing its volume and raising the compression excessively.

Probate - Club membership hopefuls, who ride with the gang during their probationary period. After this time a unanimous vote must be cast by the membership for acceptance, initiation, and awarding of colors.

Prospect - A prospective member.

Protein Facial - What you get on the highway without a windshield

PUB - Poor Urban Biker. Generally used as a comeback by Bikers who are accused of being RUB's.

Pucker factor - Refers to a very close call. "I had a pucker factor of 10 around that corner"

Pull - Ability to accelerate

Puppies - Female Breasts

Purple hooters - Topless female rider in cold weather