Lane Stealer - A cage driver that passes motorcycles in no passing zones, knowing he can just knock the bike out of the way if a cage comes the other way. Also a cage driver that tries to squeeze by you in your lane.

Lane-splitting - Driving between involuntarily parked cages on an overcrowded highway. legal in some states.

Law Maker - Stupid riders that kill themselves on their bikes causing stupid laws to be made 'For our protection.'

Lay it Down or Laid it Down - This when there's imminent danger of an accident ahead, or ya hit some oil or gravel and ya have to lay the bike down on its side.

Leather - another defintion of a Poser or Wannabe

Leathers - The jacket/gloves/etc (safety gear) used by riders that is made out of leather.

Legal Name - Most outlaw motorcycle club members have nicknames or club names which are called "Legal Names" by club members. They are also called "Street Names."

Limb - Male biker

Lone Wolf Biker - Someone who lives the Bike Lifestyle but chooses not to ride with a club.

Loner - An individual who shares the same values and enjoys the same life-style as outlaw gang members but who prefers to keep a degree of freedom of choice by not formally belonging to one specific club.

LPR (Lugeless Pavement Racer) - Refers to that high speed slide that accompanies a get off.