Kat - Katana Models

Kawayamahondaharleyzuki - Any bike built with parts found along the way

Keep the dirty side down - Ride safe don't lay the bike down.

Kevlar - Kevlar is the strongest fiber known to man. Kevlar is made by Dupont and for apparel use comes in a thread form. In a pure weave Kevlar does not stretch and is not suitable for use in motorcycle apparel where abrasion is important. Cycleport makes suits from a Kevlar/Cordura/Lycra weave. this specially blended Kevlar material meets and surpasses all requirements for motorcycle apparel. Cycleport's Kevlar suits are the only synthetic apparel approved by the F.I.M., the A.M.A., the W.E.R.A. and many other racing organizations.

Kilowatt - A unit of power equal to 1000 watt. 0,746 kW equals one horsepower. A kW is equal to one kilojoule per second.

Kinnipullin Pin - clevis pin

Knucklebuster - open end wrench

Knuck - Knucklehead - A type of Harley-Davidson engine manufactured prior to 1948, which was characterized by large nuts on the right * side of engine above the cylinders. Appearance is somewhat similar to knuckles. The Knucklehead engine (V-Twin, produced from 1936 - 1947)

Kwak - (pronounced Quack), Kwaker , Kaw (pronounced cow) Kawasaki