. - Harley Owners Group - Several meanings, as an acronym it stands for "Harley Owners Group," it also relates to the larger Harley models (also called "Big Twins").

HairDryer - Turbocharger

Hammer Down - Open the throttle fully or accelerate rapidly

Handle - Street name, club member's name

Hardbelly - Young girl with a tight flat belly

Hardley (also see Hardly Ableson) - Slang name for a Harley in the sense that the speaker thinks of them as nothing more than an over-glorified chromey show-off piece rather than a real bike.

Hardly-Ableson - For Harley Motorcycles during the AMF era

Hardly-Ridable - Derogatory term for a Harley

Hardly-Davidson - Derogatory term for a Harley looking motorcycle that is not a Harley-Davidson brand motorcycle.

Harley Wrench - Hammer

Hard Tail - A rigid motorcycle frame with no shock absorbing device on the rear.

Haya-Bubba - Suzuki GSX-1300R Hayabusa

HBUBF - Hairy-Butt-Ugly-But-Fast (term for the Kawasaki Vulcan 750)

HD - Hardley Drivable

Heat - Law enforcement officer, also known as The Man.

Helmet - Skid Lid, Brain Bucket

Helmet-Jinx - The bad luck a biker (who chooses not to wear a helmet) gets when someone mentions that he should wear a helmet. If someone chooses not to wear a helmet don't jinx 'em.

High Siding - Wrecking a bike by flipping it over. Usually caused by releasing the rear break during a skid.

HOG - Harley Owner's Group ( http - //www.hog.com/) started in 1983

Hogwagen - A custom-built trike in which a Harley-Davidson front end and frame is grafted to a Volkswagen drivetrain (subframe, engine and transaxle).

Honda 750 Killer - Kawasaki 900 Z

Horsepower - The power of the motorcycle engine. The higher, the better. Although with an engine tuned for power, it might be at the expense of power at low RPM. Horsepower is a unit of engine power equal to 0,746 kilowatt (kW). Originally developed by James Watt to compare the power of steam engines to the work done by a horse.

Hosed - Worn or broken beyond repair

Hugger - A mudguard which 'hugs' the wheel closely.

Hugger - A type of Sportster, so named because its lowered suspension and lowered seat make it appear to "hug" the road.

Huggermucker - General term refering to either an inanimate object with an unidentifiable purpose, or a human being fitting the same discription (Credit - Big John at Humboldt County Choppers M/C in Eureka, California)

Hype-sucker - Anyone who buys into the Harley Hype