- a full roll-on in high gear from about 50-60mph (emphasizes low rpm torque).

Garbage Wagon - A stock motorcycle with standard parts intact, very heavily loaded with saddle bags, chrome and accessories.

Gas Surprise - Running out of gas and moving to switch to reserve and finding to your horror that you forgot to switch back to fuel last time you filled up and just blew your reserve.

Gasodometer - Resetting your trip odometer when you fill up to act as a gas guage replacement.

Gauges - Displays information to the rider on speed [Speedometer], RPM (revolutions per minute) [Tachometer], Total Distance Traveled [Odometer], Fuel, Trip Distance and more.

GBIS - Gorgeous But it's Slow ( A Kawasaki 1500 Classic )

Gear - The set of toothed parts, such as wheels, disks and chains, that mesh with the teeths in similar, but different-sized parts in order to transmitt force and motion between rotating shafts. Gears control the number of revolutions per minute and hence the force.

Gear ratio - A gearbox contains several toothed wheels that are connected and disconnected to eachother in order to switch into the intended gear. The gear ratio is the ratio between the number of teeth of the two wheels that are connected at a given time. If one wheel has 25 teeth and the attached one has 50, there is a 2:1 ratio.

GearHead - Any TRUE mechanic, not just the weekenders

Get Off - Crash, "Eat Asphalt"

Giblets - Chrome Accessories

Giggle Gas - Nitrous oxide

Ginmill - bar

Gixer - GSXR Series Bikes

Goatsbelly - The ugly silencing chamber in the exhaust system of later model Vulcans

Goosing it - Canadian. Expression for riding a motorcycle hard and/or fast.

Goggle The Horizon - Is an old biker term that means several things. Keep an eye out or be careful is a common translation. Believe it or not it did not originate with bikers but with free fall jump school during Navy Seal Training. Another meaning, in the same vane is 'Keep your head up, don't let anything get you down.' As in 'See ya later, Goggle the horizon.' Meaning, be careful, keep your chin up. You see in free fall you MUST arch your back and keep your head up.

Gore-Tex - Thin, lightweight membrane mounted between the face fabric and the lining. It is Waterproof, Windproof and Breathable. This membrane has nine billion microscopic pores per square inch. These pores are much smaller than a droplet of liquid water, but much larger than a molecule of water vapor. Water in a liquid form cannot penetrate the membrane, but both moisture vapor from perspiration and heat can easily escape. the membrane works when the outside temperature is colder than your body temperature. the membrane actually sucks the heat out of the apparel as long as the outside temperature is lower than 98F.

Grabbing a Handful - Applying Brakes or twisting the throttle in excess.

Greenpeace - The cage in front of you covered with environmentalist stickers and spewing black smoke into your face.

Ground clearance - The distance between the ground and the lowest part of the motorcycle apart from the wheels.

Gumball - What's left of your rear tire after a prolonged burn out, or can refer to the bits of rubber piled up behind that same tire.