- Factory Authorized Repair

Fairing - The plastic shrouds that deflect wind and rain from the rider, the motorcycling equivalent of automotive bodywork.

Fathead - The Twin-Cam engine (V-Twin, produced from 1999 - Current Day)

Flathead - The Flathead engine (V-Twin, produced from 1929 - 1972)

Fast Riding Award - Speeding ticket

Fat - Too Rich Fuel Mixture

Fender Bunny - Nice babe on the back of a bike

Fender Fluff - Nice lookin' babe on the back

Fiddly-bits - Those chrome do-dads all over saddle bags and seats.

Fishtails or Fishtail Muffler - The exhaust tip or the end of a muffler looks like a Fishtail from the side and usually straight pipe's with Fishtail tips had a narrow exit for the exhaust where no night stick could fit to check for baffles in the exhaust pipe.

Flame and Crook - Fire and Theft insurance.

FlexiFlyer - 1970s 2-stroke Kawasaki 500/750, lots of go, really bad frames.

Flogging it - Gettting on the throttle hard and shifting thru the gears.

Flower Pot - A cheap helmet non snell-approved head protection device.

Fluff - Young Girl (AUSTRALIAN Terminology)

Fluid Exchange - Stopping for gas and to take a leak.

Flycatcher - Kuryakyn Hypercharger

Flying Colors - Riding while wearing the club/organization's colors

Fools Paradise - A Harley-Davidson

Four Banger - An inline four cylinder motorcycle (or automotive) engine, these are among the most powerful motors on a motorcycle. Also referred to as an inline four.

Free Rider - Someone who shares the same ideas as a gang but doesn't belong to one.

French - An old custom car and bike term that refers to mounting a device, a light, usually, deeply recessed into the bodywork, "frenched-in," and peeking out from within a sort of tunnel, completely recessed below the surface of the surrounding bodywork, presenting only a sudden, clean circle through smooth the surface from which the light appears

FreshMeat - New young girlfriend

Frisco Pegs - Railroad spike highway pegs

Frisco'ed/Frisco style - Style when a gas tank is mounted right along the top of the backbone.

Front Door - Leader of a group ride

FTF - F**k The Factory

FTHRWYFL - Forget the Hype, Ride What You F**ken Like!

FTW - F**K The World, also Forever Two Wheels

FUBAR - Which is a very old slang acronym meaning "F_ _ked Up Beyond All Repair." Pertaining to the sad, inoperable and unfixable state of someone's bike or engine or whatever.

Fuel Management System - Carburator