- Cranial Colon Impact Syndrome is a self explanatory term coined by a friend of mine a few years ago for those afflicted and deserving of such praise or attention.

Cafe Racer - Sportbike (in Europe Bikers would ride from coffee house to coffee house)

Cage - A car, truck, or van. The sworn enemy of motorcyclists, more commonly known as automobiles. The name stems from being all cooped up inside a closed shell, with no contact with the outside air.

Cager - A person driving a car, truck, or van. Cage operator, or driver.

Can - Muffler (AUS)

Can Of Tuna - Suzuki Katana

Caning it or Thrashing it - Self-explanatory terms for taking the bike for 'a blast'.

Canyon Carving - Riding the twisties (road curves/corners) to an extreme.

Carb - Carburetor, Fuel Management System

Carburettor - The part of the bike that mixes air and fuel in correct proportions before it is entered into the engine cylinder(s).

Carma - Like traditional Karma but occurs when cagers do stupid things to bikers. The energy is much more fierce and vengeful and will infect a cager's ride with radiator leaks, blowouts, bad gas, thrown rods, and overall bad radio reception. These phenomena will only occur when the cager is more than a mile in distance from the biker as to avoid any motorcycle catastrophes. Also works in positive ways when cagers allow a biker plenty of room and are aware of their presence and respect their right to the road. AM reception is unusually clear and the cage experiences a 35% increase in gas mileage.

Carving - Refers to hard fast cornering on roads with many curves, stems from laying the bike down to a nearly horizontal position and "carving" a line through the roadlike a knife.

Catwalk - Riding a motorcycle on the rear wheel only, more commonly known as a "wheelie"

CBT - 'compulsory basic training' a one day training course which all newbies must complete before being allowed to ride on the road in the UK. (It also stands for 'Cognitive Behavior Therapy' which many car drivers could do with to improve the way they relate to bikers.)

Chain - The word chain usually refers to primary drive, in which sense it means the chain transferring power to the rear wheel. As opposed to the two alternatives, shaft or belt drive, the chain is a light-weight solution and does not cause lag in throttle response or elevation effects. On the other hand it is a solution that needs a lot of maintenance.

Chase Vehicle - Van or truck that follows a pack of riders on a run to assist or haul any bikes that might break down

Checkbook Biker - Same as "InstaBiker" Someone who goes down to the dealership and writes a check for a new bike and new gear.

Cherry Juice - Tranny Fluid

Cherry Tops - Cop cars

Chicken Strips - The tread left on the sidewalls of a sport bike. How much of this there is (or isn't) is how some Bikers size each other up.

Chickenwing - Honda Gold Wing

Chopper - A style of motorcycle that appears deceptionally light, has a greater angle on the front end than usually seen, and radical styling. The word originates from the post WW2 era when former GIs were looking for performance mods, there was no aftermarket back then and once all engine mods were out of the way the bike's weight needed to be reduced...owners began to remove unnecessary components and eventually began to cut away (or "chop") sections of the bike and frame. Used to be called "bobbing" but the word "chop" became the more popular phrase. 2. A radical customized bike with extended and raked front end, from which all unnecessary parts have been stripped. The early choppers weren't raked, so the front end was high making it necessary to reduce the size of the front wheel. They are very stable in a straight line, but not to agile in turns.

Chrome-Slut - Those addicted to putting on more and more chrome, regardless of the functionality.

Chromosexual - That one biker who keeps adding more and more chrome, a chrome-overkill.

Citizen - Anyone who is not a member of a Biker Organization.

Class - A Violent Act

Clone - A motorcycle built to resemble and function like a Harley-Davidson motorcycle without actually being a Harley-Davidson motorcycle (the vehicle title will identify it as something other than a Harley-Davidson)

Club - Also referred to as MC Club A motorcycle organization made up of members who have banded together in a common interest, members have pledged their loyalty (also called prospecting or a prospect) for some time before becoming active. Not to be confused with riding clubs or riding organizations, the distinguishing feature here is a three piece patch consisting of a logo and upper & lower rockers worn on the back of their riding jacket or vest. A patch with or simply the lettersMC will often accompany the club name. Treat these people with utmost respect.

Clubber - One who has club affiliation

Clutch - The clutch is operated by a handle in order to, ultimately, engage or disengage power to the rear wheel.

Clyde - cage driver (usually the bastard that cuts you off)

Coasters - Plates used to block the holes when removing Reed Valves

COG - Kawasaki Concours Owner's Group ( http - //www.concours.org/ )

Colors/Colours - Signifies a motorcycle club or organization patch.

Combustion chamber - The part of the cylinder in which the fuel is compressed and explodes.

Commuter - Anyone who normally rides his Bike to and from work.

Compression - A condition in which the volume of fuel and air in an engine cylinder is reduced as a result of increased pressure by a piston. The compression ratio of an engine is the ratio of the volume above the piston at the bottom of its compression stroke to the volume above the piston at the top of its stroke.

Compression ratio - The compression ratio specifies how much the fuel is compressed when the engine's piston is at its highest point.

Corn Snakes - Dried cornstalks that blow across the road especially at harvest time.

Countersteering - Turning the bikes handlebars in one direction(at higher speeds) and having it go in the opposite direction

Coupon - This is a traffic ticket.

Cordura - A high tenacity, air textured nylon fiber, made exclusively by Dupont. Superior abrasion resistance over any other fabric in a head to head comparison. Hundreds of nylon materials exist but 500 Denier Cordura is the industry minimum standard for apparel material abrasion and tear strength

Crack It - Turning up the throttle

Crash Bars - The incorrect term for engine guards. If you want to see a factory lawyer cringe, there's no faster way than saying this term.

CreditGlide - RUB's Ride

Cross - Extreme motorcycles designed for driving in rough terrain or on cross tracks.

Crossover - what connects a front & rear cylinder exhaust pipe together.

Crotch Rocket - A slang term for Sport Bikes. A small sport bike with big HP engine.

Cubic Inch Wars - Refers to the ongoing battle between the "Big 5" companies for the largest displacement OEM MC engine.

Crash Bungs or Mushrooms - Terms for the plastic 'bungs' you attach to the frame to protect the fairing etc in case of a 'spill' or crash.

Cruiser - A newer term that surfaced in the late 1980's that refers to the laid back styled street bikes with chrome and boulevard styling.

Crushers - Cool Shades like the original Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Cylinder - The cylinder shaped space in an engine where the piston moves up and down to compress and explode fuel, which generates the engine's power.

Cylinder head - The engine piece that closes off the top end of a cylinder.