B. F. H.
- Big F@#$ing Hammer used to remove rusted axles, bearing cups from the frame neck etc.

B.R.A.G. - Buell Riders Adventure Group

BAB (Born Again Biker) - Someone who has recently returned to riding after a period of absence and really ought to get some advanced training" Matt the Rat

Back Door - The last (and most experienced) rider in a group ride.

Back Warmer - A girl on the back of your motorcycle.

Baffle - Sound deadening material that sits inside a muffler and quiets the exhaust note

Ballistic Nylon - A specific nylon developed by Dupont for the U.S. Department of Defense for use in flak jackets. Later it was replaced by Kevlar. The basket-weave construction helps add abrasion resistance as opposed to a plain weave. The name is used as a marketing tools with ballistic sounding like something "bulletproof" therefore really tough. May motorcycle apparel companies us the word "Ballistic" when describing material. In many cases the materials tear and abrasion strength does not meet a minimum standard for motorcycle apparel and the word is used only as a sales gimmick.

Bar Hopper Bike - The cool customs and pristine bikes that only come out of the garage Friday and Saturday nights during the summer (and only if it's real nice out -never in rain) to prowl from bar to bar. A motorcycle that is not very comfortable on longer rides, yet lavishly styled. Rigid frames and hardtails fall into this category.

Bark-o-lounger - Honda Gold Wing

Barn Disease - When a bike has been idle a few years and the battery is dead, calipers seized and of course the carbs are filled with varnish sludge.

Barn Queen - That really pristine bike everyone claims a buddy found in some farmer's barn and bought for $50

Barrels - Another term for Engine Cylinders or Jugs.

Basket Case - A Bike being built from scratch with parts from other Bikes.

Basket Case (#2) - Basket case - typically (at least in the 'old days') a bike that someone had taken apart and hadn't the skill to reassemble. You'd find an ad in the paper and go over...."my brother took it apart and never could figure out how to put it back together, what will you give me for it?" Also - someone who is unhinged as in, "she/he is a real basket case." So, a bike that is in pieces, usually has been for a while. A bike that is built from pieces of other bikes would be (or would have been) known as an 'assembler' (out west), or a person that is way 'out there'.

Beer Cans - The can shaped covers on Harley FL front forks.

Belly-Shover - Racer

Bible - Repair manual

Big End - End of connecting rod that fits on the crankshaft

Big Five - Refers to the five major motorcycle manufacturers - Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha.

Big Slab - Interstate Highway

Big Twin - Any large sized V-Twin motorcycle engine. V-Twin motorcycle engines have really grown in size over the past 10 years so this definition today fits V-Twins over 1200cc. Examples include the Roadstar by Yamaha 1700cc (102 ci), Harley-Davidson motorcycles over 1200cc, Honda VTX 1300/1800, Kawasaki Vulcan 1500/1600/2000, Suzuki Boulevard

Blockhead - The Evolution engine (V-Twin, produced from 1984 - 2000)

Biker - Simply put, a motorcycle operator. True bikers have a passion for the art of motorcycling, and easily get all wrapped up in this passion during even a simple 1/2 mile commute, but they rarely allow their motorcycle to sit for more than a week without taking it somewhere. Anywhere. Just for the simple excuse of a joy ride will do.

Biker Friendly - A business establishment that doesn't treat you like you have the plague when you walk in wearin' leather

Binders - Brakes

Bitch Bar - A sissy bar.

Bitch Pad - Passenger Seat

Blackie - A dark streak left on the asphalt when a motorcycle drills away from a stop. White smoke often accompanies the formation of a blackie.

Blinkers - Turn Signals

Blip - snapping the throttle quickly, as in "blip the throttle".

Blown or Blower Bike - a bike that is supercharged.

Blue Hairs - Elderly Cage Drivers

Bob, Bobbers, Bobbed or Bobbing - The art of shortening a bike's appearance by cutting down the size of its fenders. These bikes were also known as "bobbers". Appeared before choppers. They got the name from the rear fender being cut down to a minimum. And the rest of the bikes were stripped also. This was all part of the early customizing done by the returning WWII flyers.

Bologna (Baloney) Skin - Tire tube

Boneyard - Salvage yard for used bikes & parts, most indie shops also have their own boneyards next to the shop

Brain Bucket - Slang term for a helmet.

Bronson Rock - Anything that is NOT a bonafide tool that you use to fix a bike -- I.E., in one show of Then Came Bronson he used a rock to straighten out his crumpled fender after going over the highside so as he could rideon!

BUB - Broke Urban Biker

Bubble Gum Machine - Law ahead, usually patting the top of your helmet warns those behind you that a cop is ahead.

BUBF - Butt Ugly But Fast ( A Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 'A' Model)

Buckhorns - A style of handlebar that comes up higher and sweeps towards the rider, the stance is more like holding a steering wheel in a car than a handlebar on a motorcycle. A popular style from the 1960's and 1970's and still in service today.

BUG - Big Ugly Guy- a big, hostile person, as in "So me and my bros had to fight off these Bugs.." or "You shoulda seen this Bug's ride"

Burnout - Spinning the rear wheel while holding the front brake

Bullneck - When Harley Davidson 1200 Duo Glide came in 1957 it came with a new feature, the "Bullneck" is a headlight cover that streches from the headlight to the steering handle. The "Bullneck" followed the Duo Glide until the end in 1964, when the Electra Glide continued with it for some years. "Bullneck" is self explanatory.

Burn-out - Activity where bike stays in one place while back tire spins at full throttle -- uses up tires quickly.

Bus or Busa - GSX1300R Hayabusa

Bush Pad - Passenger SeatC